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Not all Hawks fans are dick bags so don’t act like we are. Sure, if you say my team is shitty and constantly mock them then I might be a little upset. But I am not going to say “fuck you” and go on a fucking rampage. I am going to be a civilized human being and have a conversation with you keeping both sides of the arguments in mind. People should think about this before they make posts saying “aLL hAwKS faNs aRe FuckINg jErks wHo THrOW taNTRums!1!1!1!1!1!”



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During one of the most memorable trips of Toews’ travels growing up, a younger version of Captain Serious got caught sleep-walking through a hotel. If history somehow repeated itself this weekend, surely Toews’ sleepy stroll would end up on YouTube — and it sounds like his mother might be among those amused.

Hawks hope trip can be one their mothers can love - 12.31.10

wait, what? can  we please talk about this? please? 

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Official-nhl’s “article,” in which he claims responsibility for creating a hockey fandom on tumblr, is basically just him saying, “Oh this demographic of young women are only fans because I made them fans. This community only exists because I made it so. Women aren’t real sports…





i was bored


part 2

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Ten Times Patrick Kane made Jonathan Toews laugh

A companion piece to this

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my hatred for rapists is unconditional. i don’t care who you are, if you rape, you have revoked your humanity and you belong in the fucking ground.

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My cooking abilities are nonexistent.  I’m good at getting on the internet and ordering for grab-outs, that’s about it.

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make me choose:

bieksasjuice asked:  jeff skinner or nate mackinnon

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